Leatherworking / Trimming

Swiss Confection’s leatherworking/trimming service in Sion in the Valais and Geneva

A unique know-how

The leatherwork and trimming department of Swiss Confection in Sion in the Valais and Geneva advises, produces, refurbishes and delivers all its leather/faux leather and tarpaulin products including for example:

  • All leatherwork, faux leather, technical and tarpaulin work
  • Marketing banners, curtains, covering systems
  • Vehicle interiors (cars, boats, planes etc …)
  • Car hoods and PVC window coverings
  • Motorbike saddles
  • Belts, straps
  • All repair work

Our fitters also guarantee their various installations, window dressings, delivery and on-site support.

At Swiss Confection, you will find a wide second to none selection of finishes available. The materials used are, in turn, all of a quality to meet the required criteria ensuring a lasting quality and a ‘designer’ after sales service.