Upholstery service

Swiss Confection et son service Tapissier à Sion en Valais et Genève

Craftsmanship for your interiors

The Upholstery department of Swiss Confection in Sion in the Valais and Geneva advises, produces, refurbishes and delivers all its products for your interior spaces including for example:

  • Restoration of modern furniture (foam) and antique (horse hair, springs and natural materials) according to best practice
  • Wall hanging (tissue tendu (stretched wall fabrics))
  • Cane/straw/wicker works and cane
  • All work with foam cushioning, composite and plant based materials
  • All kinds of furniture covering (sofas, couches, armchairs etc …)
  • Changing of fabrics, leather or similar
  • Covers for all types of furniture
  • Removal, cleaning & putting back up of your curtains and window dressings

Our fitters also guarantee their various installations, window dressings, delivery and on-site support.

At Swiss Confection, you will find a wide second to none selection of finishes available. The materials used are, in turn, all of a quality to meet the required criteria ensuring a lasting quality and a ‘designer’ after sales service.