About us

Interior architecture and design for private, public and corporate environs.

Swiss Confection – Interior design and architecture specialists in Sion, Valais and Geneva

Bespoke interior design in Switzerland and overseas

We are without any doubt the most efficient means to bring together all your interior design and architecture projects to their conclusion.

By listening to an increasingly demanding and sophisticated clientele and marketplace for over 30 years, we have developed in the domain of interior design and architecture in a pro-active manner, without forgetting our roots and experiences. From our first workshop in Sion in 1982 to the creation of Swiss Confection, we have also since opened an office in Geneva for the Lake Geneva region. A close understanding of our clients has been the determining factor behind each decision we make towards our success.

Our expertise affords us a solid ability to satisfy even the most diverse requests. Our team of a dozen qualified staff work in an efficient and methodical manner to ensure the projects and work entrusted to us.

Swiss Confection brings together design elements to achieve successful outcomes

The reasons to make us the natural choice are our respect for locations and their history, that we listen to and analyse our client’s specific needs, find appropriate responses to expectations, and professionally manage each project at all stages of its development, on any scale.
Whether in the Valais in Sion or Geneva, Swiss Confection can handle all types of requests. With our experience, thoroughness and advice we are true specialists. Whether it is for an architectural and interior design, quilting, carpeting, leatherworking, upholstering, or floor fitting project or for one of our on-site services, our management of every detail in-house will give you a true sense of tranquility.

Our technical department works hand in hand with our own production and assembly workshops. Through this collaboration, Swiss Confection guarantees the quality of results that each client is entitled to expect.

The decoration and interior design have a history

Our home reflects our lifestyle.
Space, light, materials and colors are all factors affecting and influencing our daily lives. Since the discovery of their psychic, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits; never have so many aesthetic related ideals been so relevant.
A qualitative design is the key to a serene and elegant ambiance. A well-conceived design and a décor in which the sophistication of materials, the harmony of objects, subtle lighting and a superb delicate touch, can create a unique splendor.
The customisation of each product by uniqueness and distinction provides a positive environmental dynamic.
If beauty is of course the first element that creates satisfaction, the combination of the functional is no less essential.
The perfect symbiosis of elements surrounding us is represents an existential qualitative and expansive philosophy.

Our task is no less complex than to define desires and to bring them into reality. With our headquarters in Valais in Sion and an office in Geneva, Swiss Confection, creates and outfits private, public and corporate environs.