Professional workspaces

Nos services d’architecture & décoration d’intérieur au service de professionnel en Romandie

Interior design services for corporate clients

Interior design and architecture, quilting, carpeting, leatherworking, upholstering and floor fitting services

Since its beginnings, Swiss Confection has similarly dedicated a particular focus towards its corporate clients in French-speaking Switzerland, all supported by its offices and workshops in Sion and Geneva.

  • Decoration companies
  • Architects
  • Businesses
  • Hotels – Restaurants – Bars
  • Hospitals, Nursing homes
  • Events

Bespoke projects for producing layout, interior & exterior design and architecture.

A qualified and dynamic team consistently delivers the best to be able to meet the most varied entreaties.


Swiss Confection offers its services available to its corporate clients

Whether a contract for only production, curtain making, carpeting, leatherworking, upholstering, floor fitting or even a contract for a longer duration related to architecture and interior design, you will find us the perfect partner for all your work.

Although the quality of our various services remains at the heart of all our efforts, deadlines remain no less important. By the unique collaboration within our departments and thus a real commitment in a contract of mutual trust, we are able to complete the works within the time allotted.

This gives you peace of mind and time enough to engage in more profitable activities.